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We Value The Truth

We believe that Biblical Truth is the foundation for all we do. This truth, found in the Bible, defines our mission and drives our values.

We Value Relationships

We believe that the most important relationship is with Jesus Christ. We also believe that meaningful relationships with other believers help strengthen us in our spiritual walk.



We Value Family

We believe that the key to a strong church is a strong family. As such, we will provide teaching and opportunities to strengthen families and the leadership roles within the marriage.



We Value Authentic Worship

We believe that real worship is more than just singing. Authentic worship stems from a heart that worships God in spirit and in truth.



We Value Spiritual Growth

We believe that everyone should grow in their knowledge and application of the Bible.



We Value Involvement

We believe that everyone should use their gifts and talents for God and His church.


We Value Love

We believe that embracing love will help us have unity, harmony, and encouragement with one another in the church.



We Value Excellence

We believe that anything worth doing for God is worth doing to the best of our ability.

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