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What to Expect

What should I wear to weekend Worship Services?

Most people dress casually at Harvest, but we encourage you to come as you are, in whatever it is that you feel comfortable.

What kind of music do you sing?

We do a 50/50 split of traditional Hymns and contemporary Christian music. We have an organ and piano that accompany the Hymns. We then have a live Worship Team for the contemporary music which includes vocalists, a keyboard, guitars, a bass, a saxophone, and drums. We project the lyrics so that everyone can sing along and worship together. The songs we sing may be new to you at first, but we believe you will enjoy the music and find that it helps you connect to God in a meaningful way. Our choir is also a blessing to listen to around the Christmas and Easter season, as well.

Where will my children go?
Your children will love Harvest Bible Fellowship. We provide fun, hands-on Bible lessons and activities every Sunday morning designed especially to help them learn the truths of the Bible. We also provide a safe, cozy nursery for the little ones. Your children will not be in a separate building from you, so it is just a short walk down the stairway to check on them any time you need to do so. Our Children’s Ministry leaders and volunteers are parents just like you who value every child and treat them with the utmost care and attention.

Special teachers provide tender love and care, sharing Jesus through music, Bible-related stories, and teaching through activity periods. This group occupies two rooms: 0-2 years, and 3 years-Kindergarten. These rooms are kept extremely clean and safe for our little ones.


Exciting Bible classes for children between the grades of 1st-3rd and 4th-6th, led by caring teachers. Crafts, prayer and song times, Bible lessons, verse memorization, games, and snacks are some activities in which they participate.

For ages 13 and up. Here, Biblical principles are applied to daily living. Emphasis is placed on Godly life and prayer, coupled with exciting activities.

What type of message will I hear?
At Harvest Bible Fellowship, we believe the Bible is the Word of God, and it is our sincere desire to preach the Bible in all its truth without watering anything down. But we also want to teach it in love, and in ways that are interesting and relevant to your daily life, just as Jesus did.

Is there a reason that you do not pass offering plates during weekend services?
We never want you to give out of obligation. God delights in cheerful giving so it’s important not to create an environment where people give under pressure.

Where can I place my offering?
Instead, we have offering boxes in the back of the sanctuary next to the sanctuary doors for our guests to place their offerings. There are white envelopes next to each box to place your offering in before placing it in the boxes. You can also give online via easyTithe. You can also click on the "Giving" button at the top of the webpage, or you can give through the easyTithe app through your phone.

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